Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Orange Peel Templates

Please ensure that when printing these templates you can measure 1" to ensure your measurements are accurate.

I recommend cutting on the outer most lines of each shape (some are solid, some dash & some dots). The interior shape solid line is the sewing line.

3 inch template

6 inch template


  1. Hi, Gabrielle, thanks for making this template available. I have a question about the background pieces. Is the dotted line on the curve the cutting line or stitching line? If it's the stitching line, are we supposed to eyeball the seam allowance for cutting? Thanks.

  2. Lynn, I just tried both of the templates and can confidently confirm Gabrielle's instructions that the outer line (either solid or dotted) is the cutting line.

    I found the smaller template a bit difficult, as I am a novice, but manageable all the same!